Happy Columbus Day!

Today is a half day for me as one of my schools is closed.  Though I don’t get paid vacation/days off, they are still really nice to have on occasion to regroup.

Sunday was a great day.  I met a good friend, Melissa, for brunch at Koppermann’s Deli in CWE.  (She had a Groupon).  The food was quite good, and the weather was perfect for outdoor seating.  I always like to try the eggs benedict at new breakfast places (even though I doubt the hollandaise sauce is actually “diet-friendly”) and though I still think nothing compares to the Inn on Coventry (in Cleveland Heights), this was pretty good.  It was a nice place to eat, and I would definitely return if the weather was nice outside.

After brunch we headed over to St Louis Community College to see our friends at Chamber Project St. Louis play a concert.  They did a bunch of shorter pieces for various combinations of instruments by composers such as Jennifer Higdon and Libby Larson, among others.


with guest
Amanda Kirkpatrick, piano

Program for October 10, 2010
DASH (2001) and Lullaby
Jennifer Higdon (b. 1962)
flute, soprano saxohone, piano

Doppler Effect (2008)
Adrienne Albert
flute, clarinet, piano

Black Birds, Red Hills (1987)
Libby Larsen (b. 1950)
viola, clarinet, piano

American Counterpoint (2002)
David Gillingham
flute, clarinet, saxophone

Barn Dances (2001)
Libby Larsen (b. 1950)
flute, clarinet, piano


I enjoyed watching/hearing them play!  I look forward to performing with the group on their November 5th concert.

It was a nice relaxing Sunday–got to practice, ran 4.5 miles on the treadmill (including some hill practice) and did a bit of reading as well.  I’m just reading for fun right now–I’m loving the True Blood series of books by Charmaine Harris.  I recommend reading the series if you need quick, easy entertainment.

Remember my obsession with the “retro camera” app?  I thought it would be fitting to get a few “retro kitty” pics.


She was very tired



Chris couldn't resist giving her a good tickling!