Happy Monday!

Hello readers!  Welcome back after a fantastic weekend.  I pretty much partied like I was in my early 20’s.  And lived to tell the tale, though perhaps barely.  I may have left my pride somewhere in June, or perhaps pre-Memorial Day.

I’ve got a few students to teach this week and then I am off to CHICAGO to visit my friend Karen and go to Avec.  Or maybe in the other order (Karen isn’t a blog reader so I can totally get away with that.)  Karen is one of my best friends from my freelancing days in Cleveland.  She’s now in the Phoenix Symphony during the year and with the Grant Park Orchestra (in Chicago) in the summer.  When I first met Karen I was totally intimidated by here, but after a few years I garnered enough courage to ask her to hang out.  The rest was history. 

My mom called last night and said she and Dad were just west of Kansas City and could stop in around lunchtime.  So my plans for today have changed a little, but I plan to go run ON THE TREADMILL DUE TO THE HEAT I JUST CAN’T TAKE ANYMORE followed by some housecleaning, teaching, and laundry.  Super exciting stuff people!  Someday you too can live my life. 

I collect pictures in a folder on my computer labeled "blog ideas".  Here are some I’ve been saving up.  I hope they make your Monday a little bit brighter.

chrisjesus chrisup

(Chris, having a little fun before a concert at a church.)


Totally the same.  No big deal.


Stupid criminals.


Ooh, fantastic deal!  Only a slight urine smell. 


I have only done this once before?? 


What does that say about me? 

26 Mmm Fish Pie

It’s a fish pie.  I forget why I have this picture. 

Do you have a good picture for my blog?  Send it my way!