Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Whee!  I had to work all day, and now I’m too tired to “celebrate” but Happy St. Patrick’s to those of you who are celebrating.


I took a variety of “self-portraits” while I was waiting for students today.  Many who did not show.  Which I am getting tired of:  not the no-shows (well, those too), but the parents who think they don’t have to pay.  I sat there for 30 minutes.  I have a waiting list.  I have other things to be doing.  If I am waiting for your child, you are paying me for it unless you canceled within the appropriate window of time.  And I am going to start making parents sign a form agreeing to that.  Once that time has passed, that time is gone for all of us.


I also wore festive socks.  And my lovely purple shoes.

I was sitting on the front steps between students today, next to a student, and a man walked by the house with his two dogs.  One of whom pooped RIGHT in front of us, and the man just kept going.  So that’s the second thing annoying me today (1st is parents who don’t want to pay me for my time, 2nd is people who don’t clean up after their dogs).

Here’s something delightful today (so you don’t think it’s all me complaining…I mean, it totally IS, but still.)  Do you read Pioneer Woman’s blog?  Usually it’s a great blog with excellent recipes.  Today it’s “Cappuccino and the Kitty.” If you like cats (and who doesn’t????) you should check it out.

Remember my excitement about the women’s fit tech shirt for the St Patrick’s Day race? Leslie and I had been annoyed that the Phoenix RnR race didn’t have women’s shirts, even though the race was more than 50 percent women.  We had thought that perhaps for once, the race should provide ONLY women’s shirts, if that were easier.  Why should we have to wear boxy, men’s shirts?  Well, I mentioned this to Mike, and he said, well, I’d rather see a woman in a man’s shirt than a man in a woman’s shirt.  To which I replied…well, it’s not all about you.  What is my point?  Well, this blog IS all about me…so I am going to continue to write this post.

I am feeling bad because I left a message for a parent that was a little harsh re: missing lessons and expecting to not pay,(in fact, specifically canceling because they don’t want to pay) and how this is NOT okay, and they should simply drop if that’s the case.  I shouldn’t feel bad.  I should feel good for being assertive, right?

One thing I’m glad about:  I have my kindle with me at all times when teaching outside the home, and I’ve just started a fantastic book:  “A Discovery of Witches” by Deborah Harkness.  I got it after hearing an interview on Talk of the Nation, and so far I am loving it!   (I’m also loving how quickly I got through this month’s “required reading” though frankly with all the students missing, some due to sickness, some due to “forgetting their violins”, or “didn’t feel like coming to their lesson” I’ve had so much reading time).

Okay.  That’s enough complaining and randomness for one night, I think?   Enjoy your holiday!  (Chris says it’s not really a holiday since he had to work…I said, it’s not all about you!  That is my new  mantra.)

Edit:  Here’s a fantastic article about makeup lessons.

7 thoughts on “Happy St. Patrick’s Day”

  1. Yes, feel good for being assertive! Were you the one that posted the article written by an economist on why paying for missed lessons was so important? It was a cool article. I’m going to make all my students read it. (I have the article saved if it wasn’t you that posted…if it was you…woot!)

  2. Oh, I was going to just smile grimly and nod about parents and paying for missed lessons, (you can tell I’m doing that, right?) but now I absolutely need to know where to find that article mentioned in the comment above!

    1. I tried to post it in the previous comment, but failed. I added it at the end of my blog post, so go check it out. I also enjoyed “The Million Dollar Lesson” on that site (originally by Ed Kreitman, a genius).

  3. Added you to my list!! Your ring is gorgeous!! 🙂 You’ll have to let me know when you set the date! 😉

    Also, totally unrelated… my twin’s name is Hannah and she plays the violin lol… just thought i’d share 😉

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