Heck yes, it’s CATURDAY!

I had a couple student cancellations today (this is what I get for attempting to schedule students on Saturdays, I think…not a regular thing for a reason) so I have a quick moment to blog. I have so many things going on: lucky for me it seems that late February is when the gigs really start picking up, so it’s a concert tomorrow afternoon, a ton of rehearsals for various things, and background music for a school fundraiser tonight. Whew!

But I promised you cats:

photo 1

Regular readers will of course recognize my cat. Did you know her given name is Oistrakh? I’ve been calling her the fatness for a long time, but lately I’ve been trying Oyster, or Dr. Oysterman (seems more official, and respectful…technically the Fatness was short for Her Royal Fatness…so it’s all pretty respectful as you see.)

photo 5

I texted this to my sister Leslie and her husband and they were shocked that I could have cords out around my cat. Theirs destroy cords.

photo 2

This is a picture of both of their cats. Somehow. Albergo (black and white) and Catalunya (black.) Interesting fact: I have that same pillow with the camel on it.

photo 3

My friend April sent me this one: it’s her parent’s cat enjoying a little car trip with the family. Sometimes I think that I should let the Fat Oyster come along on trips with me but then I remember the last few times she rode in the car and how she acted like I was obviously trying to kill her. (I’m sure she can read my thoughts as she just gave me a dirty look.)

If any readers want me to showcase their photos, send ‘em  on! I lost track of Caturday for awhile, but I’d like to bring it back as a more regular feature, so email me at hannahviolin at gmail dot com with pictures, comments, or whatever.

Fitness related:

1. Whole 30 Starts Monday…I bought avocados and sweet potatoes at the store today in addition to some other stuff. My freezer has some meat in it, fridge full of veggies and eggs, so I’m ready. I’m trying to eat up all my “non-compliant” food in the house. I’m worried this will affect my lunching abilities for the month, but we all have to make sacrifices, right?

2. I only made it to the gym once last week. I also went on a run and a long walk (it was going to be a run but there were extenuating circumstances.) I considered running this afternoon but today is the one day per month that I definitely allow myself not to do any workouts (don’t make me elaborate!) so tomorrow will be a workout/run day. I have a 6 miler on the schedule for half marathon training but with my current busy weekend schedule I’m looking at pushing that to Monday or Tuesday instead to have a little breathing room. (Or heavy breathing room.)

3. Leslie is coming to visit in late-March. This is good timing because it will be right after the Whole 30 concludes so we can eat normally together. I was looking at a race we could do together (it’s the weekend before the Go Half but I’m really not even worried about that—it’s simply my goal to finish and have fun, and feel good about what I’m doing for myself.) Anyway a little research and I found this race, which includes a COMMEMORATIVE HONDURAN COWBOY HAT. I’m hoping she’ll give it the go-ahead.

I just read this article–

Olympic Dreams? Bah, Humbug! Children, Here’s What Really Matters

and thought it was worth a read…(snippet) “They had a dream. They overcame great adversity. And now they may reap the ultimate reward — public glory!”

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