Hello I am a cat

Last night in a facebook conversation, my friend Sarah and I got on the topic of lolcats.  Well, to be clear, we were pretending we invented lolcats.   (What’s funny is I remember when Sarah FIRST told me about lolcats and I thought it sounded stupid…I used to also think camera phones, text messaging, and boys were stupid too…then again, at least one of those still is 😉 )

Then I got an email from her.

It says:  I made one of those "cat pictures" you are talking about.


A few minutes go by.

Another email:  Here is the nautical version.


I replied and asked if she could make a Mexican version.  (Probably not politically correct, but to our credit we have gone on a trip to Mexico together.)

A longer period of time passed, and then:


I was CRYING by this point.  Maybe you have to understand the nature of Sarah and my humor (and if you are reading still you surely do) but I was absolutely LOSING it at this point.  I promptly made this cat my facebook profile picture.

And then:


Sarah’s MS Paint skills are UNPRECEDENTED.   Such talent the world has never known.


Now, you may not find these funny.  But I do.  This morning I came up with the idea of a Hawaiian cat, with ukelele.  We’ll see what happens.

2 thoughts on “Hello I am a cat”

    1. I was literally laughing so hard I almost cried. I kept showing them to Chris and I think his head exploded at one point from the sheer lunacy of it all and because I was laughing so hard.

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