What a cutie pie! He’s getting too big to hold upright on my lap without his legs bending.  And yeah, I’ll just admit, I actually do really enjoy holding the darned baby.  He’s super cute and his feet are very soft and his legs are all squishy.  He almost weighs as much as my cat now!

I went over to hang out with Laura and Benny yesterday afternoon.  After that Chris and I had a reservation at Five Bistro.  We had been once before, several years ago and remembered it was fantastic.  The menu changes daily and they use local ingredients.


I had the trout.  Oddly off the menu, even though the menu changes daily.  I was afraid to ask.  We split the pork belly appetizer and Chris had the beef tenderloin.  It was delicious, but we thought a bit overpriced.  I know it’s not a huge difference between a $25 and a $30 entree, but somehow it feels like it.  For instance, I wanted to try the caesar salad (off menu also, $9) but just couldn’t bring myself to order a $9 salad.  Weird, right.  $7 I wouldn’t have questioned it.  Oh well.  Dinner was delicious however.  And I know restaurants have really small profit margins, but I guess we just felt it was too much.  Like I said, delicious though.

Afterwards we walked a couple of blocks to Gelato Di Riso.  I had the pistachio and coconut flavors and Chris had mint chip and chocolate.  Mine were good, but not the greatest combination together in one cup.  (Two flavors, one cup?)

Then we came home to try to beat the storms, plus I wanted to try to get to bed early for the 5k.  That didn’t actually happen, as the storms rolled in around 11:00 pm and kept me up well past midnight, but it was a valiant effort.


I learned a new trick.  Place magazines on couch.  Cat magically appears.  (Though I apologize, cat did not fit entirely into camera frame.)

Anyway, I’ll write about the 5k later.  Suffice it to say it was not in any way entirely downhill and that running is hard.  31:17.  Not my best, but my best effort on the day.  Now it’s time for a pedicure, rehearsal for a gig, and dinner and listening to bassoon excerpts. 

And Happy Father’s Day to my dad—may he reach his 10000 miles for the year soon if not already!

edited to add a picture:  Even though I think most people are posting pictures of them and their dads and generally just trying to get attention on various social media platforms that their fathers won’t even see…I know my dad does actually read my blog, at least on occasion.  I also know that he’s seen this picture before and honestly I suppose I’m doing the same—we paid enough for our wedding photos, best to keep using them, right Sarah Crowder? ;)  But whatever.  It’s my blog and I’ll be a hypocrite about it if I want to.


I barely remember this.  I was so nervous about walking down the aisle that I think I almost blacked out.  I found the whole ceremony to be terrifying—all those people looking at me.  Weird, right?  Oh, see, there I go, talking about myself.

I’d better step away from the computer now 🙂

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