Holiday Magic Train


This will go down as one of the oddest gigs I’ve ever played.  As you can see, my friend Jen and I are playing music ON A TRAIN on Saturday, December 8.  I’m a little nervous about playing violin while moving, as I have never been a subway busker or anything like that, and I’m nervous about using public transportation in St Louis…(joking…sort of…;) ) but it should be a fun time.  I hope.  We’ll be miked and I presume piped through all the cars. 

It wouldn’t be at all creepy or stalky (which is evidently not a word) if you showed up to listen.  It’s just the cost of a metro ticket.

3 thoughts on “Holiday Magic Train”

    1. I’ll let you know how it goes! It could be fun, or awful. I try to keep a positive outlook on weird gigs though 🙂

  1. Very cool! I’ll be dying at Marquette Park running yet another trail race completely untrained, so I’ll just have to check back in to hear how it went!

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