Home from Phoenix

My, it’s good to be home!

My flight was on time, though my car at the lot was covered in a whole bunch of snow.  I should have taken a picture, but I was cold, tired, and desperate to just get the darn thing cleaned off.  15 minutes later…I was on my way home for real.  The roads weren’t too bad—I had been worried since I knew that morning had been awful and many schools and businesses had been closed.

Traveling made my eating day super weird.  I had two meals and two large snacks.  I considered going to the gym for a run tonight…oh, wait.  No, I didn’t.  Well, I might have entertained that thought VERY briefly, but ruled it out based on: a) meeting Mike tomorrow and b) cold, tired, snowy, and probably too soon to run again?  I am happy to be home to my own fridge though…I am going to be very strict with my diet for the next few days, at least.

I finished rereading “Teaching from the Balance Point” by Ed Kreitman while on the plane.  He has so many wonderful ideas.  I know I need to be more picky with my young students.  It’s the hardest thing in teaching—teaching a young beginner.  There are so many things to worry about all the time.  And tomorrow I am meeting a family with two very young students to see if they are ready to begin lessons…I often feel like I need to retake the Suzuki Volume 1 training (always an option for the summer).

I also read quite a bit of “War and Peace.”  I haven’t finished yet, but I am still engrossed.  I didn’t read much while in Phoenix, but now I am eager to get back into my reading.  My kindle says I am 78 % of the way through. 

I have a ton of “business” to catch up on.  I’m going to start with spending one dedicated hour tomorrow afternoon on paperwork and phone calls and see where that takes me.  I think I should be able to get a good start on it!  I also need to do some practicing, since I spent the last week violin-free.  Time to buckle down on the Brahms C Minor Quartet.  I also have some prep work before classes on Monday…but that seems so far away right now!  I have already cleaned up my email inbox though, AND unpacked my suitcase (unheard of!).

Well, now I’m going to “catch up” on some of my television watching…I missed a couple of my favorite programs while I was gone and I want to watch some of them before bed. 

Upcoming Weekend highlights:

Spinning Class on Sunday

Yoga for Runners workshop (after my successful Bikram class, I am eager to try more yoga!)

Hang out with Chris!

Hang out with friends?