How did you find my blog?

Since I’m a little tired (it is Friday, after all) I’ve decided just to share some searches people used to find my blog.  I know I’ve done this before.  I’m amused by it every time though.

cat ring bearer:  This concerns me if it’s a serious search.  Hopefully it wasn’t, but considering how many people I know that have used their dogs in their ceremonies, I’m guessing that the cat search was for real.  My recommendation is to not use you cat as a ring bearer, nor should you hire one.

work out stuff:  This is super specific.  I think the reason most people have trouble on the internet is they don’t know how to search properly.  It’s like searching for "food recipes" when you are hungry.

teaching cow images:  Is this about a cow who teaches or how to teach a cow?  Or what? 

(I found this on the internet)

sweat zits:  These are no fun.  When I was younger I thought in my 20’s I would stop breaking out.  I now know that will never happen.

dripping sweat women:  This is mainly what my blog is about, so I’m happy somebody found it!

creepy haircuts: I guess my haircut is a little weird?

epic failed de la planet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1:  No explanation needed.

hate ur trainer:  I get this kind of search a lot.  I don’t hate my trainer.  I really love working out with him.

wrong to objectify men:  Okay, but if it’s wrong, I don’t want to be right.  Let’s just not do any objectifying of women, though.  That is really wrong.

what to wear to a orchestra concert:  I would wear whatever you might wear to a nice dinner or night on the town.  You don’t have to dress up super fancy, but you can also.  Sometimes I wear jeans and a nice top, other times I wear a dress.

harrison ford chest hannah violin:  I love this combination….

sweaty tight shorts:  Obviously they wanted to see my 80s 5k picture.


why do my arms look fat in photos:  Probably too much watermelon.

big bruise on knees from burpees: I guess this doesn’t just happen to me or else somebody wouldn’t have been searching for it?  Right?

strong bad cow lamp:  Thanks for breaking my cow lamp!

So how did you find my blog?  What brought you here?  Do you wish you hadn’t wasted three minutes reading this?

4 thoughts on “How did you find my blog?”

  1. This is really fun. I love the commentary on the searches. Especially “if that’s wrong I don’t want to be right”. Amen, sister!

    A lot of people find my blog through the search “marathon training for slackers” which I absolutely love. They’re totally coming to the right place.

    I’m not sure how I found you. Through Rose’s blog maybe? Or random blog hopping? Either way, I’m glad. And one day I’ll actually meet you!

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