I dreamed a dream

I saw something on a friend’s facebook page today—it was a wonderfully written post about the Boston attacks…it was very long and both personal and not personal. And ended with this sentence, which I thought was exactly what I’ve been thinking…

When a major street in a major city in this country is closed for a week, not just because it is a crime scene, but because they have to remove the blood and body parts from the sidewalks, then maybe it is simply time to condemn ALL violence everywhere, unequivocally, and leave it at that.”

I was reading something a few weeks ago (maybe more) and the author was talking about how movies with sex scenes are rated more harshly than movies with extreme violence. And to her that is crazy—that an act of love between two people is considered something children shouldn’t see, but ridiculously graphic acts of violence, not as big of a deal. (Yes, I said “act of love”. Don’t mock me.)

Just more random thoughts! I’ve been feeling really on edge all week. I’d love to come here and post a picture of my oatmeal and coffee and chicken that I ate (and my instagram followers have seen those things!), but it all seems so TRITE and ridiculous.

But I challenge you to take what I said in my last post and really think about it. I don’t ask much of my readers, so this is important.

What if, though, what if, we all tried our hardest to relate ANYWAY? What if, when something like this happened to people that we felt we had nothing in common with, nothing we could even relate to, except that we are all HUMAN…what if we felt as strongly every time? What if we tried our hardest to want the best for people not only just like us, but utterly unlike us? Just by virtue of them being people?”


Maybe music will save the world. It saves me all the time. I got this just the other day and I’ve been really enjoying it while driving around. Bill Preucil was my teacher for graduate school (and I still consider him my teacher—if I ever refer to my violin teacher, present tense, that’s who I’m talking about) and to me there is nothing more beautiful than hearing him play. We all need more beauty in our lives, I think.


I should probably leave this post with a funny picture. Sunday night we had people over to watch the Master’s. I guess one of our friends put his beer in the freezer to chill it and then forgot. I like the name of the beer. Sunday night was simpler, wasn’t it?