I forgot

I forgot how I feel when I’ve been lifting weights. Now, I’m not an expert, and likely I’m doing a lot of things wrong 😉 but I’ve been sore more often than not since I started hitting the gym again. Today I can barely lift my arms over my head—let me tell you, showering and drying my hair was FUN.

That all means of course, that I feel great. I love being a bit sore and feeling like I got a great workout in (some might argue you don’t have to be sore to do that, but it always makes us feel good about what we’ve done, doesn’t it?)…so I’m not complaining. I’m just saying.

I was a little late to the Olympics party. I was so busy with opera and being social over the weekend that I missed the first few days, but I’ve been playing a little catch up on figure skating, which I love, halfpipe, which I don’t care for plus what’s up with the outfits the US athletes are wearing??, and now some biathlon and luge while I wait for the start of my day. I’d been planning to practice violin, but it wasn’t urgent, and the whole “not being able to lift my arms without struggling” DOES put a damper on things. Why is fitness so hard!

Random thoughts:

Why does the news only cover the blizzard and whatever is happening in the south in as much as it affects Atlanta? Do they know there are other locations? I know that South Carolina isn’t the largest state, but they’ve also been getting tons of bad weather, as evidenced by texts from my dad and facebook updates from high school friends. Maybe I’m just watching/reading the wrong reports, or maybe if you don’t live in a big city you don’t matter at all, I’m just not sure. But there really is more to the south than Florida, Atlanta, and New Orleans. (Not MUCH more, but a little bit.)


This is the view from the porch at my parents’ house. Or was the other day. I haven’t gotten a more recent update so it’s likely the house is completely under snow.

We are supposed to get a few more inches tomorrow. It’s like that song, “I’m dreaming of a White Valentine’s Day.” (That sounds wrong on so many levels.)

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