I have the style of a 7th grader

One of my students likes to tease me about my Toms shoes.  Mainly because she doesn’t think I need comfortable shoes because I just sit there during the lessons.  She wishes I would wear my cow shoes more often.  The other day I was telling her about my new Toms which are fuzzy on the inside and she thought that was really ridiculous.  Anyway, I explained to her that I was totally going to wear my cow shoes for her, but I wanted to wear my red jeans, and the cow shoes have pink in them…and then I realized we were both wearing red jeans.  That’s right.  I have the style of a 7th grader.  (I think she’s in 7th grade.  Maybe it’s 8th grade.  Apologies if she or her mother is reading this and I’m wrong!)


That’s right.  I’m awesome :)  Or at least my students are!

One thought on “I have the style of a 7th grader”

  1. haha! I’m always worried I’ll wear the same clothes as one of my middle school or high school students. I’ve definitely run into students in Old Navy and Gap and places like that before. It’s only a matter of time until I end up matching someone in a lesson someday I fear.

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