I know I’ve made this joke a bunch, but really, what is a weekend?

Is that title too long?  Mike asked me this morning how my weekend was.  I laughed at him.  WHAT?


In the pit at Winter Opera St Louis


Me in the pit.  My friend Sarah caught me taking a selfie and she may have mocked me mercilessly and used the phrase “duck face.”  I think you can tell that’s not a duck face, right?  That’s just my face, and I consider self portraits to be important documentation of what is happening in my life.


So so much of this.  Drone, drone, drone, slow practice, slow practice, slow practice.


A new addition to the fridge—a postcard from Carrie in Norway.  Welcome back Carrie!

I’m dropping the marathon.  I’m only running the half.  I had too much going on, and I had to make some choices.  I chose the audition and work.  Everything else had to go.  I’ll start catching up next Tuesday.  Considering that I haven’t actually run since my race in January…yeah.

photo (11)

This was me texting my sister Leslie that I was dropping down to the half in April.  I’m the one in blue.

And with that…

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