I may spoil some things for you in this blog post

People get all up in arms about television spoilers.


Maybe I’m just old and lame, but if the shock of what is going to happen is the only thing keeping a show from being ruined, then it probably wasn’t that great to begin with. For instance: was the Sixth Sense such a great movie, really? Is the Star Wars Trilogy ruined once you know that Darth Vader is Luke’s father? And did you know that the Titanic SINKS??


I like rereading books and rewatching shows and movies that are good. Maybe I’m just not a fan of suspense and plot twists and surprises? Nonetheless, I don’t worry too much about spoilers.

Which brings us to the latest season of Breaking Bad. Currently I don’t have cable television but I got jealous of all the vague tweets and people raving about the latest season, so I purchased it on iTunes.

Hmm. I should have known better. I didn’t really think the first half of the “final” season was that great, and I’m not loving the rest of it either. For me, the show has lost what made it so great in the beginning. And honestly, it’s not that shocking OR unpredictable. Or I’m jaded and bitter and have a cold, black heart. Who knows.


I was getting really excited about practicing the same two bits of the Nutcracker Overture again. Practicing is hard work and serious business.


A friend sent this picture from the baseball game the other night. They do a promo of the Symphony playing “Meet Me in St Louis”. The season started this week and I’m excited to see Ein Heldenleben next week!

Probably this is too super classical nerdy for anybody outside of the strange world to get, but whenever I think of Ein Heldenleben—I think of this PDQ Bach quote—I believe it was for the piece “Bach Portrait”, a great work about What Copland did for Lincoln, what Beethoven did for Wellington, what Tchaikovsky did for little Russians, and what Richard Strauss did for himself. (I tried to find a video of it on the Youtube, but failed—I found Bach Portrait, but I believe the quote is from the introduction before the piece plays. Nonetheless. I promise you it’s very funny to hear it.)

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