I survived the Mo Cowbell Half Marathon

If you follow me on twitter, you could or might have seen my times for the race yesterday morning.  I forgot that I had signed up for the twitter updates (I guess I did when I registered) so it was a delight to see when I finished that Chris had been following along–


I had a tough race.  I had thought that I’d been running often and enough that taking a week off for Paris would be no problem.  And that might have been the case.  But then one week turned into two because of getting sick…and I think that was too much to get back into the higher volume running right away, so I ended up with a bit of a hip problem.  I’ll go into more race details later, but I finished, it hurt a lot, and I couldn’t be prouder of myself for sticking it through anyway.


2:39:40.  My lungs were ready, my legs were not.


We saw this trailer at the start of the race.  I’m not usually a mantra person, but this actually helped push me through some of the worst of it.  And knowing I’d get a cowbell shaped medal at the end and get to eat a lot.  That helped too.

If I’d remembered my splits were being broadcast on twitter that might have helped too, but I’m kind of glad I forgot.  That might have just depressed me!

Anyway, I’ll write a full recap later—I want to sit and reflect for a day or two.  I’m also planning to do another giveaway this week, so stay tuned!

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