If it’s Friday it must be lunch at Milagro



I was in the Webster Groves area around lunchtime so my friend Melissa met me for lunch.  We didn’t have to think too much before deciding on Milagro Modern Mexican.  Today I tried the Tortilla Soup and the Chicken and Chorizo Quesadillas.  YUM!

The day was spent rehearsing pieces for a Young Composer’s Concert tomorrow night at the Community Music School, followed by teaching.  Luckily there was also time for lunch and coffee.


This was at a cute little coffee shop in Webster Groves.  I can’t recall the name and I’m just too tired to google it.

Now I’m relaxing at home.  LONG day!  Tomorrow is much the same, but longer.

Oh, and in one month exactly we are getting married.  Up to 60 official yeses!  I can’t wait to see everybody (and you know, get married to Chris and all that jazz.)  I would be more excited but I am starting to worry that there are tons of things we are forgetting.  It seems we are basically on track, just need to get started on the programs mainly, but I’m just worried we’re forgetting something important.  And the rsvp deadline was today, so hopefully in the next few days (week) we’ll really be able to get cracking on fun stuff like seating charts and such. 


Last night I was over at Vanessa’s and she wanted to get a fire going in the fire pit.  It didn’t work well enough though—maybe the wood was a bit damp?  After about 45 minutes of trying we were just too cold and gave up.  I was freezing!

What are your big plans for the weekend?  If you’re a musician, probably a ton of church gigs or other concerts!  If you’re not, maybe shopping or something fun?