I’ll probably marry a viola player


Today I didn’t do any of the wedding stuff I was supposed to.  Oops.  I did buy bacon with the idea of making these bacon cookies for a party on Friday night (it’s a party at my friend Kyle’s, who has hosted previous parties called “Meat Day” and “Meat Day Part II” so bacon cookies seem VERY appropriate.)  Chris has a run out tomorrow and my last student is gone which means my evening is rather free.  I figured making cookies was a good idea (if Mike is reading this, no I’ll totally be working out and steaming broccoli, not making bacon cookies.)

(If you didn’t know:  a run out is a concert out of town, but not like a tour.  It means you go there and back in one day.  )

(Do I use too many parentheses?)

Yes, today in my workout my trainer, Mike, asked why, when he logged on facebook, my entire profile page is dedicated to me writing about cookies.  He asked, do you make a lot of cookies or something?  I said…maybe…

I mean I also work out and stuff.  (Stuff being, you know, talking about planning my wedding and such.)

And I teach also.  On occasion.

All the cookies have absolutely no bearing on the fact that I have doubled in size since a month ago.  (Slight exaggeration.  Only slight.)  It’s cookie season anyway, right?  Rather than heating the house, you can just make cookies and let the oven heat the house!

Okay, I’m done talking about cookies right now (I have another recipe I’m sharing tomorrow or Thursday, but that will wait.)  What else to talk about?

We got our Christmas tree on Sunday, but haven’t decorated it yet.  It smells fantastic!  I will try to decorate it tomorrow and take some pictures!  (Or Thursday. We’ll see.  Bacon cookies and such.)


Nerdy, yes.  Does this actually happen when you plug it into Google Maps?  Mine gave some directions in Chicago.  Who knew that the Shire and Mordor were in Chicago?

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  1. We have our tree up sans decoration, too. The pets are fascinated.

    Enjoy making the cookies. I repeat: do not eat all the bacon beforehand.

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