I love when I can inspire people.  Generally I {hope} I inspire my students to be better at the violin.  I inspire my blog readers to run and eat more oatmeal.  I inspire people to be funnier and taller…and today I finally successfully inspired  Sarah Crowder to start a blog.  (Of course if you take the number of people that I have tried to get to start a blog versus the number I have actually inspired to start one…it’s a very low percentage.  Then again, I haven’t written about my oatmeal lately either.  I am running today, does that count?  You should go run too.)

I love that Sarah mentioned me as part of her inspiration though.  And posted my favorite picture. I think her blog has the potential to be really great, and will certainly have great pictures!

Speaking of photos.  Yesterday Chris and I went to a variety of breweries to taste a variety of beers.  At one point I thought it would be fun to take a self portrait and text it to a few friends, and no less than three people told me the picture was creepy.  What are your thoughts?


Creepy or not creepy?  Please vote in the comments.


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