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I realized that I’ve been a pretty light blogger in terms of posts lately.  Maybe you are okay with that—maybe it’s better if I don’t blog as often.  But honestly, I’ve just been sick, and thanks to a suggestion on my post the other day (Hi Dad!) I’ve decided not to sweat the small stuff and PRIORITIZE. 

That means I only care about the audition.  The rest of the stuff, whatever.  No offense Opera or CPSTL, but you’ll be fine.  Other things I’ve learned in the past two days:  taking about a week off practicing is evidently just not that big of a deal.  (Not good things to know, and any students reading this, um, that’s for when you’ve been playing for a really long time like me!)  I didn’t even feel like I’d backtracked.  So while I’ve lost approximately a week of forward progress, I’m not also making up for backwards progress. 

The good news is that I’m not sick of all the audition music yet.  Usually by this point I’d be both hating my life and hating the music.  Now it’s still fresh and I’m not totally burned out yet.  Maybe this is brilliant and okay!

Oh, and I did make time earlier in the week to do a variety of “inspirational” photos.  I get so sick and tired of seeing these posted on facebook and other websites…to be fair I was still really sick that morning so it doesn’t count as failing at time management 😉


The idea came to me during a twitter conversation…anyway you can see this is brilliant.

So then people started making requests. 



Send me a picture of you, I’ll make it “inspirational!”

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Have a great weekend!  What are you doing for the SuperBowl?  I have a double opera rehearsal!  You can argue that I detest football, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love a good SuperBowl party, or any occasion for make unhealthy dips and chili.  Oh well.  Worky work!

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