Invitations and stationery

I have developed a small obsession with invitations and stationery.  The other day of course I showed you my (our) wedding invitations.  Since then I spent several hours (I mean, like 12 to 15 hours) browsing etsy, pretending I was looking for ideas for my sister Leslie for her upcoming wedding (next October, it looks like).  Of course, we don’t have the same taste, so that was a completely pointless exercise, except that I love looking at invitations!  I love the concept of having something printed especially for you, and I’m the sort of person who SAVES all that stuff.  Seriously.  If I have attended your wedding, birthday party, funeral, whatever, you can guarantee that somewhere in my house or at my mom’s house, there is a box that contains your invitation, thank you card, birthday card, place card, you name it, I’ve got it.

Funny Wedding Ecard: Sorry I spent three seconds reviewing the wedding invitation you spent three months on.


This means three things.  One:  I am already over budget on my stationery.  Two:  I am still planning more printed items (well, programs and place cards are required, right??  place cards in some form actually are required by our venue).  Three:  I realized I can send out printed invitations for the rehearsal dinner as well!  In a totally different theme if I want!  It took a little convincing for Chris to get on the same page, but I believe he realized pretty quickly I was a woman obsessed and it was a losing battle.  I’ve found a set I LOVE, though he is not totally convinced of them.  I think he’ll like them when all is said and done and they are a lovely contrast (yet of course we’ll maintain the color scheme) to our main invitation set.

Funny Wedding Ecard: Let's decide who we're inviting to our wedding and who will never speak to us again.


We’ll see what I decide for sure.  Watch this space!  (Hahahaha.  Like you really care!)

4 thoughts on “Invitations and stationery”

  1. I still have my wedding invite and my STD taped to my office wall. But we went super nerdy instead of super fancy. Our STD looks like a vintage travel postcard, and our invite looks like a zombie movie poster.

  2. Wedding planning- so fun! I love wedding invitations- they set the tone, right?! My cousin framed mine for me all pretty-like. I love it!

    Found you through some St. Louis blog thing. Glad to find some stl bloggers!!

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