It got cold

When did winter arrive? Ok I’m being overly dramatic but MAN we went from nice warm weather to cold temperatures really quickly. Luckily my apartment has central heating! Also cold temperatures mean my cat does a bit more snuggling which is an added bonus.

I’m typing this from my phone. My laptop is having some issues and I need to figure out my best course of action. I was sent home from a place today to make sure my files were backed up (evidently I have lots of music though I’m pretty sure that’s all backed up) and was given a few more small tasks to do before returning. I will have to see if the problem is worth repairing or if I’ll be shelling out for a new laptop. This is only a nightmare because I went cable free recently and so all my entertainment is computer based! I started re watching Alias though since I have that on DVD and do have an old TV and DVD player. My life is incredibly hard.

If it weren’t for my fancy smart phone I would be far more upset but I find that I can do most of what I need on it and honestly, being somewhat computer-less for two days has shown me how much time I was wasting. I will need to get something to replace it but I need to consider spending my time more wisely in the future. If nothing else I could be sleeping more!

Then again. I enjoy my internet time. Why take away life’s small pleasures? And I get plenty of sleep anyway.


2 thoughts on “It got cold”

  1. I was just complaining about how cold it’s been. I like to think of myself as pretty weather-resistant, but I need more transition between hot and cold.

    Bummer about the computer. Hopefully it’s a quick fix, but in the meantime thank goodness for smart phones.
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