It’s a beautiful day

We don’t get many of these here. It’ll be unbearably hot soon and we will all be complaining wholeheartedly.


I met up with Vanessa for coffee at Benton Park Cafe (It was supposed to be at another place that was, naturally, closed on Mondays. I ALWAYS forget that most places seem to be closed on Monday.)

Then we went for a walk around the park. It was beautiful! (and will be part of the Benton Park 5k course in June…thinking about costumes of course…)


We thought this was a funny sign. The idea of fishing in the pond seemed humorous, and especially all the regulations…and the fact that once you hit 64, it just doesn’t seem to matter anymore.

Saturday night I went to the Symphony Concert. It was “Beer and Pretzel” night, which meant, free beer and pretzels. Seemingly unlimited as you just had to ask at the bar for your free beer…and we felt one was enough. I’m not a huge Budweiser fan (by that I mean, I prefer beer that tastes better) and the choices were Bud or Bud Light. A free beer is a free beer though, and props to the company for donating! The pretzels were from Companion Bakery and were the same pretzels we got at the end of the Go Race.


I thought that beer and pretzels were VERY funny.


Cheers to the St Louis Symphony!

If you are local, I hope you were able to get outside today!  If you aren’t local, I hope you are having nice weather as well 🙂

I had a lovely run after teaching this evening too. Note: Running seems to be WAY easier when I do it several times a week.