It’s CATURDAY again!

I was talking about blogs with my friend Jen last night, and we were also talking about the blogs of other people we know.  She recently started reading Natalie’s blog, The Sweets Life (which is fantastic!), and actually made a couple of the recipes for a recent dinner party.  (We met Natalie at the Marathon Relay in November.)  Anyway, one of the comments Jen made was that my picture to text ratio was great and made my blog easy to read, and her only complaint (beside the fact that my blog overlaps a bit at the top of the page, yeah, sorry about that, and someday I’ll figure out how to fix it) was that sometimes my cat pictures were just a big blob of cat, without a delineation between cat and couch, or perhaps between cat belly and cat head.

I told her that there was no couch.  Just cat.


Cat eyes and flash do not mix well.  She looks like evil kitty here.


I think this is one of the pictures Jen was referring to.  Where does the cat end and the blanket and pillow begin?  Who knows…who cares??


She’s looking right at me here.  Judging me, as usual.  “Why are you always pointing that striped thing at me?” (My phone case is striped on the back.)


I’m so very tired and I need a nap.


Okay.  My cat may be just a wee bit overweight.  🙁


I was using my foot to pet her.  She was totally enjoying it, even though she was trying to pretend she wasn’t.


Self portrait.  Hannah and cat.  I sent this to Leslie who responded with…


Cat under a papasan chair.

And that’s about it for me.  Aren’t you really just relieved I’m not blogging about oatmeal today?

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    1. Don’t be! She was saying that she had never read your blog before, but did for some reason and loved your style of writing 🙂 And tried a couple of your recipes for a dinner party and they were great.

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