January plans recap/February plans

Wow, I can’t believe January is over already!  I feel like it just flew by…and that we had WAY too much snow and ice (and are getting more today, supposedly…)

I wanted to take a moment to consider how my yearly/monthly goals are going and see if I want to tweak anything.

How am I doing so far?  Let’s recap:

January plans recap: Specific monthly goals:

1. Read one book about teaching.  I planned to read two books this month—both of Ed Kreitman’s.  They are on the shorter side—Teaching from the Balance Point, and Teaching with an Open Heart. I haven’t finished Teaching with an Open Heart yet, but I’ll just push that back a few days.  So, half-check.

2.  Try new restaurants. This was no problem!  I tried a ton…probably too many. Check, check, check!

3.  Cook three new recipes per month—Check!

Peanut Butter Banana Bread

Whole Wheat Bread (fail!)

Pork with Polenta

4.  Read one “classic” novel per month.  War and Peace, CHECK!  This took much longer than I anticipated—I spent almost three weeks reading War and Peace…but I can now say I have read it, and if I find anybody else who has read it, we can discuss it.

5.  Read one “non-fiction” novel per month. Almost done—reading Free for All: Fixing School Lunch in America by Janet Poppendieck.  So…almost check.

What else have I accomplished from my 2011 goals thus far? (by category)


Was on Fox2 News Morning Show with Chamber Project St. Louis!  Didn’t plan this, but definitely a good thing

Chamber Music Concerts—January 9 with Chamber Project—success! (check)

Parents as Partners Online (continues into February) through the Suzuki Association of America—I have some catching up to do on this, but I’ve watched quite a few videos.  I wanted to catch up more today but the sound on my computer wasn’t working…I probably need to restart, but I got REALLY lazy.  Yes, that IS super lazy!


Be nicer to Chris—I know this isn’t a very specific goal, but I know what I mean.  I am working on it.

Do something with a friend each week—saw Black Swan, went to Sweet Art, went to Circus Flora, trip to Phoenix, toured Taliesin West, went to Good Pie, went to Sandrina’s—CHECK!

Fun: Nothing from this list yet.

Uncategorized but no less important: 

I gave away MORE than 11 items of clothing that I do not wear.  So that counts from the bedroom. Check!


Phoenix R n R half marathon Rocked it! CHECK!

Bikram Yoga Phoenix  (ugh, now I am wanting MORE bikram yoga, which means I will probably go again here sometime soon…maybe leading up to my next half-marathon)

Spinning Class (ongoing to April)—have gone every week I’m in town.  Enjoying it!  Check!

Yoga for Runners Workshop—didn’t go due to bad weather.  Oh well. 

Continue to eat healthfully—7 f/v daily—I tried!  Much easier at home than when traveling.  I’d say I reached this goal 1/2 to 2/3 of the days. Half-check!

Weight loss—not exactly…staying pretty much the same.

That pretty much sums up the goals so far.  I’m enjoying focusing more on my reading and branching out a bit with that.  I’m also doing well with my running and other fitness goals.  I’ve also made efforts to be social and get out of the house even while it is very cold. 

Things I am NOT doing well at (yet): Quit biting my fingernails and fingers!  Did better for a few days then got stressed and started up again…oops.  It’s hard! (not a valid excuse).  And weight loss…

What about the Happiness Project?  Well, I’m keeping up on the ideas.  I would say I am following it as I am working towards improving my own happiness!  I just haven’t mentioned it as much in the blog as I thought I might…so I guess this is a half check?

Specific February Plans/Goals:

Books:  one classic, one related to teaching violin or children, one non-fiction—Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, The Wonder of Boys by Michael Gurian, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (plus finish reading list from January!)

New Restaurants: ?

Social: ?

Recipes (at least three):  I have some ideas of things I want to try–

Continue attending spinning class

Start using Groupon from Urban Breath Yoga—it’s for five classes, let’s try to get at least three in this month (it’s a busy month.)

Frosty Five race on February 12 (5 mile race)

Creative “date night” with Chris? 

Get rid of 11 things from ONE room—kitchen?

Will attend Mark O’Connor workshop, continue Parents as Partners Online (figure out sound situation on my computer!)

NEW Goal for February:  No new clothes this month.  Exception:  may purchase new running shoes.  NOTHING ELSE for the whole month. 

I am pleased with my year so far, and feel like I’m doing well with my plans.  I do want to focus more on my diet and try to lose a bit more weight though—that will be a priority this month.

How are your resolutions going?

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  1. Sheesh! I’m exhausted! I prefer to spend lots of time sitting on the couch… sounds like you’re contributing a lot more to the world. Running and Bikram – jackpot!!!

  2. Oh, I didn’t need to mention my couch time as a goal…trust me, there’s plenty of that too! In fact, right now–on the couch, reading blogs and watching Comedy Central.

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