July lull

July is becoming very slow. This week several of my students are out of town or taking off for various reasons. Additionally, I have a Saturday completely FREE. NO weddings!

I do have one on Friday though 😉

I had four weddings last weekend. The last was my trainer’s wedding, and we stayed after to hang out. It was a casual backyard wedding and a lot of fun. They set off fireworks from the roof afterwards! I would post a picture but all of the photos I took are just plain awful.

I created a facebook page for the “Frantillo Strings.” Just to be clear, that’s Frantill-o. Not Frantiy-o. It’s not very exciting yet–I need more pictures of us during events. That will help! Any past clients reading this and want to help out?

I’ve started a book titled “Punished by Rewards” by Alfie Kohn. The premise is that if we only do things to get the reward we don’t do those things as well. I have only read a few chapters so far however. The book was recommended by Susan Kempter at Suzuki Institute the other week–she does not give rewards to her students. Learning is (I guess) intrinsically its own reward. In any case, I’m trying to stack up new ideas for the fall, for my new classes.

I also got a sweet little Mr. Mozart finger puppet/bow topper. I can’t wait to try him out on a little student.