June already?

Where has the time gone?  I can’t believe May is done already and June is here.  Suddenly several of my students tell me they are done taking lessons, at least until fall.  I don’t know why people don’t tell me this earlier, and in the past, I’ve tried to find out earlier, and I have been unable to.  The issue is that some people want to take only in the summer, so I fit them into my existing schedule, and then at the last minute, my schedule has new holes in it!  I suppose that’s pretty normal for a teacher though.  In any case, I am still accepting new students, and I certainly hope to have at least two full days of teaching at home by September.  I imagine as soon as I “fill” those days, something will change and I will always have an opening.  Such is life!

I’m astonished at how I can fill a whole paragraph talking about almost nothing.  Then again, that is the point of the blog, right?  To talk about very little?  😉

I have a few students starting up tomorrow privately who were taking group classes with me at St. Margaret’s.  I’m looking forward to seeing them again, as it has been practically a month since the class ended (with a successful performance, I might add!).  It will be nice to be able to give them each the one on one attention they need rather than having to focus on what’s best for the class.