Jury Duty

The past few days have been very busy!  Sunday was our recital at the Ballet School.  I had two students perform (for whom I played piano accompaniment) and they did terrific.  One was my viola student, and the other a wonderful violin student, who is also a talented artist.  I am very proud of both of them…recitals are so much fun for teachers, aside from the stress leading up to them.

Monday I had to report for jury duty (my first time).  I spent most of the day waiting around, and then got called.  I then spent over a day being asked questions, only to finally not get picked for the jury.  It’s amazing how long things seem to take.  I was also surprised–I thought everyone had had their car either stolen or broken into at some point in their life?  Is that just those of us who have lived in Cleveland?

I’ve also been preparing for my week in Kansas, at the Ottawa Mid-Southwest Suzuki Institute.  I’m taking Suzuki Volume Four teacher training with Susan Kempter.  I’ve read both of the books I found that she wrote, and have heard wonderful things about her from one of the women in my Pedagogy Class in the spring, so I’m really excited!  I’ve also been practicing my book four repertoire, particularly the Perpetual Motion by Bohm (the new piece in the revised edition).

It’s funny–I haven’t managed to do any of  the things I listed on my blog earlier in the month, but instead I have been to the City Museum with some friends, and had a blast climbing around.  I didn’t know how awesome it was there!  I do have a pretty severe fear of heights, so I wasn’t able to do everything, but I pushed myself as much as I was able, and was pretty proud of some of the climbing I did.  I have also spent two full days in Jury duty, and been to a ridiculous amount of social gatherings–a 30th birthday party, a going away party (for the summer primarily), two out of town friends driving through town…I suppose lists are great, but sometimes you just have to do what you can do, and I certainly feel (other than the jury duty) as if I’ve been productive this month. (Yes, I consider my social engagements to be productive events, why do you ask?)

Tomorrow I am going to see Opera St. Louis’s production of “A Little Night Music” by Sondheim.  I played the musical years ago when I was at Brevard and really loved it then.  Isaac Mizrahi (of Target fame) is the director and designer.  I have only seen one other opera in my life (Salome with Opera Cleveland), believe it or not!  Then again, isn’t “A Little Night Music” really a musical?  I suppose I haven’t seen too many of those either, and the only ones coming to mind were amateur productions.