Labour Day

I do prefer that spelling, don’t you?

I’m finally starting to feel better!  Today I ran in the park for a bit–first time since I got sick.  Good for me 🙂  We are heading to a friend’s for a BBQ later today–I’ve prepared peanut coleslaw and peach crisp (my grandmother’s recipe).

My Tuesday schedule is looking to be really light–tomorrow I have only one student.  Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday will be busy though.  Wednesday my classes at Child of God Lutheran School start.  I will have three classes of students (at least that’s the starting plan) arranged by grade/level.  Some are new, some are returning.  My plan for the returning students is to get an idea of what they know/where they are now before I can go forward.  The new students will be easier in a way, since I know they are all starting at the same place.  The first day will be just setting the stage for expectations and getting to know one another I think.  That’s probably all we’ll have time for!

Thursday I start at Good Shepherd School–I have nine (I think?) private students that day.  Monday at that school I’ll have the remaining students privately and then orchestra after school–I’ll need to assess where they are level wise to figure out what to do in orchestra the first day.  Something easy and fun I think.  The good thing is that I will already have spent 30 minutes one on one with each student so it won’t be my first interaction with any of them (hopefully!).  I’m guessing that it won’t be long until we need to start playing Christmas music, but it’ll probably be some Essential Elements review the first day, I bet.  Maybe some scales too.  And making sure everybody knows each other’s names and stuff like that.

The thing that will be potentially exhausting is that on Monday and Thursday after Good Shepherd School I’ll come home and teach a few private students.  Hopefully I haven’t overscheduled myself!  I think even if two days of the week are super busy I’ll be able to manage since other days aren’t so busy.  And I used to do this sort of crazy schedule in Cleveland all the time…but I don’t think I want to get back to where I was there.