Les Miserables Video

Here’s the video I helped with last week.  Since the movie comes out today, I thought it was fitting that I share it. 

Photography and video by Sarah Crowder.  Sarah asked if I was available to help her out—basically I was her gopher and held reflectors and stuff like that.  It was easy and fun, and I hope I can help her out again, because I love working with her in pretty much all capacities.  The school I teach at is owned by the same people who own St Louis Ocarina—my boss, Dennis, totally freaked out when he saw me there.  I think he thought I was crashing the shoot.  He was totally confused!

Here’s some “behind the scenes” shots I took…

image image_1


Are you going to see Les Miserables?  I’m not a huge “musical” fan, other than the Sound of Music.  I always think of this quote from “Sabrina”:

Mack: Buff? The most difficult tickets to get will be for a Broadway musical.
Linus Larrabee: [distractedly] Okay.
Mack: That means that the performers will periodically dance about and burst into song.

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