Leslie and Peter’s Wedding

I’ve been having trouble deciding how to recap my sister’s wedding.  On the one hand, lots of great stuff happened.  On the other hand, you’re probably not that interested in my sister’s wedding–this isn’t LESLIEVIOLIN after all (no offense to her, of course!!).  So I’m just going to do a picture heavy recap here, and then probably down the line share some professional photos and a vendor recap in case anybody is from the Phoenix area and interested in what vendors Leslie used.

We flew to Phoenix on Thursday.  We rented a car and checked into our hotel for the weekend, The Clarendon Hotel.  Our plan for Thursday night was to meet up with my friend Sarah for dinner.  We had a great dinner at a place called the Blue Hound Kitchen.


It was fantastic!  We ate ridiculous amounts of food (Chris had the short ribs and shared—I can’t recommend them more.)  Afterwards we went back to the hotel to have a drink but the bar there ended up closing really early.  We ran into my folks at the hotel too.

The next morning I met my mom for a walk, and then went to lunch with Sarah.  After lunch I met up with Leslie for mani/pedis and then she and Peter were hosting a barbecue at their house.  We met Peter’s family and some of his friends.


Saturday morning Chris and I took it easy.  Some people went for a hike, including my parents, and my mom ended up falling down and scraping up the front of her legs pretty badly.  Luckily she didn’t break anything though!  Saturday afternoon we hung out by the pool and then it was time to get ready for the rehearsal dinner.


The dinner was at Beckett’s Table and the food was AMAZING.  After dinner we hung out at the hotel which was really busy that night!

IMG_2936 IMG_2940 IMG_2944 IMG_2959 IMG_2961 IMG_2970 IMG_2992 IMG_3022

Sunday was the wedding day.  I was up early for hair and makeup.  Then we had lunch, got dressed, took pictures, had the wedding at the Japanese Garden, then back to the Clarendon via Olly the Trolley for the dinner and reception.  My toast was fantastic.  Some of these pictures were taken by my friend Loren.

IMG_3045 IMG_3054 IMG_3052

carrieleslie photo IMG_3070 IMG_3077 IMG_3079

IMG_3089 IMG_3095 IMG_3096


IMG_3099 IMG_3101 IMG_3106

IMG_3112 IMG_3124 IMG_3126


Anyway, it was a wonderful weekend.  Leslie was much more of a DIY bride than me—all the calligraphy, handwriting, and origami were her own.  The cupcakes were delicious too.  It was a stressful weekend, but it was a lot of fun.  It already seems so long ago!

Best wishes to the happy couple!  I can’t wait to see the professional photos!

(Want more pictures?  Here’s the facebook album I put together: it’s public for now.)

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