Lewis and Clark

I did it!  I completed my first half-marathon.  I don’t know my official time yet–right around 3:00, I think. (Edit:  Chip time was 2:57:33.)

It was an early start.  I arrived at the site by 6:00 am, and it was very cold out, about 40 degrees.  I met up with my (former) trainer Joe, his wife Michelle, and a couple of other clients of his.  We lined up together, and the race officially started at 7:15 am.  I don’t exactly remember, but I think it took 10 to 15 minutes before we were really moving.

I ran/walked the first 7 1/2 miles with Michelle.  The course was nice and flat for the most part, and once we were moving the weather felt great.  There were just a couple hills, one in particular which took us up to Highway 364 and across the Missouri River.  I left Michelle behind then and it was downhill or flat the rest of the way.  After the tenth mile I started to get excited–I had never run so far before, but I was still feeling good and I knew I would make it.  I pushed ahead and even managed to sprint for the finish line.  I didn’t get my official time when I finished–I think several other people were finishing at the same time and things were really hectic.  The results should be posted online in a day or two.

Proud to be done!

I’m incredibly sore right now, but I am feeling great that I made it through the race.  I was really doubting my ability the past few weeks but I did it!

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