Lots of pictures from the weekend

Okay, so I’d thought I might do a Caturday post yesterday, but it’ll have to wait until next week. I’ve received quite a few fantastic reader submissions, and I’m (obviously) accepting more! If you want your cat to be on the blog, email me a picture and some information about yourself or your cat that you would like to share! (hannahviolin at gmail dot com).

Anyway, it’s been a busy weekend. Three weddings…


The first was in Marthasville at St Ignatius Loyola Church.


Then to Bee Tree Park.


Such a beautiful day!

Sunday (today) I had a wedding at the Muny in Forest Park.


We literally could not have asked for better weather. It was a phenomenal weekend for outdoor weddings.


What else did I do over the weekend, you ask? I mean, yes, I worked a fair amount.

But I went for a walk with my friend Laura in Tower Grove Park on Friday—it was rainy but a nice walk:



Piper Palm House—I love the way the sky looks!


Went out for Vietnamese food with a friend, and enjoyed a tasty Rogue Dead Guy ale. It was a new to me place called Banh Mi So, and advertises they have the best spring rolls in St Louis. I think that might be correct—they were delicious. I didn’t take a picture of them, and I’m trying to remember what they had in there: I believe it was fried mung beans. We also had a mung bean pudding for dessert—it was like rice pudding but with mung beans.

Saturday night was a girls’ night at Cork Wine Bar.



I took a picture of them taking a selfie. I think that sums up the evening.

Oh, and something I’m very excited about: a friend found a bike for me—I’ve finally decided it’s time to follow in my dad’s footsteps and start biking again.


It needs a few things, but should be good to go soon! Couldn’t beat the price either 😉

And since no post is complete without a cat picture…


yet another repeat of..

Repeat of blog business from previous post: SEND ME YOUR CAT PICTURES FOR A VERY SPECIAL CATURDAY POST…read on for more information.

A few blog business items:

Check out my posts on Yoplait Fruitful and Wendy’s Flatbread Sandwiches. Help a girl out by checking out the links in the posts, okay?

Oh, and a great idea that started with a comment from a dear reader: want your cat to be included in a semi-regular kitty round up? (I imagine it’ll be on a Caturday)—email me (hannahviolin@gmail.com) with some awesome pictures of your kitty or kitties and I’ll include them in an upcoming post! If you have a blog I’d be happy to link to it, or a twitter handle or whatever. This could be a one time post or an ongoing thing, depending on YOU.


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  1. 1) Holy crap there were a lot of weddings this weekend

    2) Cork! NoCo yes? It’s been on my list forever.

    3) SEXY kity pic! 🙂

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