Mahler success

I loved the concert last night!  You just can’t go wrong with Mahler.  We sat in the second to the last row for the best sound (you really get the reverb up there).  Overall I loved the concert…except for the fact that there was another piece programmed with the Mahler.  It was a lovely piece, I’m sure.  But Mahler 2 stands alone.

I also remembered I had most recently played Mahler 2 with the Columbus Symphony. 

Afterwards we headed to Franco for drinks and food (for some).  I finally was able to introduce myself to Tom, the owner who works out with a personal trainer at my gym, usually at the same time I am. 

Today I am heading to Illinois to play with some of my students on a concert for all the Lutheran schools in the area. It should be a good experience for them to play with a larger group, as our “orchestra” is very small.  Out west, some of my Child of God students are playing solos for a “solo and ensemble” type of festival today.  I wish them luck (and I know they are well prepared so I’m not worried.)

Speaking of well prepared, this is a busy weekend for me.  Tomorrow is the half marathon (for which I keep reminding myself I am well prepared) and Monday Chris has a little audition.  I have been working hard to keep the stress at bay…auditions are stressful no matter what…but particularly when you aren’t even the one taking the audition and are simply waiting.  No matter, it will all be settled by Monday evening and we will know where we stand.


In honor of “Caturday”……KITTTTTTTTTTTTIES!