May Day

What a beautiful Saturday it is!  I had originally planned to get an outdoor run in (haven’t done that all week due to my schedule and I don’t run outside in the dark) but then the mother of one of my students asked me if I could play at their school’s May Day Festival in Tower Grove Park.  I was free, so I said, sure.  Sometimes it IS nice to feel like part of a community.

They asked me if I could play a few tunes while the kids danced around a May Pole.  I brought some fiddle music and played some tunes.  It was actually a lot of fun, and the whole event looked like something that I would have LOVED as a child—singing, dancing in circles, and a picnic.  Good times.  If I have kids, I’ll make them do the same thing.  The other thing I loved was that all the kids and parents were outside being active…(don’t vom, yes, I have absolutely become my mother!) rather than sitting inside playing video games on such a gorgeous day.


Singing in a big circle


The May Pole—what they did was each person held onto a ribbon and danced around it.  You could go different directions and turn the ribbons into a pretty pattern as well.

I had quite a fan club of little kids at one point, standing all around me watching me play.  I love how little kids stare!  It’s hilarious.

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They made me a garland for my head.  I think I look fantastic!

Anyway, the whole event gave me a warm fuzzy feeling.  Now I’m off to rehearse with the Suzuki kids at the St Louis School of Music for tomorrow’s Festival Concert.  I have to lead the Twinkle Variations among other things.  Wish me luck!!