Where is the month going?

This semester is finally starting to take shape. I’m having to make more trips to the college to teach than I would prefer, but I think it’ll mean less crazy busy days and more evenly spaced room to practice, respond to emails, and work out. We’ll see! Right now it’s too cold and icy to run so I haven’t done that in awhile, but maybe in a few days the weather will be more cooperative. (I haven’t had a gym membership in some time, and don’t really want to at this time.)

Otherwise, I’ve been practicing, organizing, planning, and reading. Louie and I haven’t done anything terribly exciting lately, but we did go to the symphony last Saturday night and had dinner with friends the night before. We’ve been homebodies and just trying to get through Game of Thrones-after the last season finished in the fall or whenever that was, we decided to start watching the whole series again, and we are nearly done! It’s been interesting watching it again-I’d forgotten many things, and some of my reactions are different knowing what is yet to come, and I like some characters better and others less.

The bathroom remodel is a little stalled, but things are shaping up for next week. I’m looking forward to picking out tile soon, and I’m REALLY looking forward to being back at home teaching again and being able to use the bathroom on the main floor of the house rather than having to go downstairs every time.

I’m already having to think about scheduling for the summer. We are planning to go to NYC over spring break, and have some ideas for the summer (Japan!) but it’s hard to specifically plan a vacation that far out, yet I need to get my summer schedule set, at least as far as accepting gigs…and it’ll be here before we know it!

I had originally been wanting to do something for my 40th bday, but the planning on that stalled and just seemed too hard at this time. What I wanted to do didn’t line up with what other people were wanting to do, and the dates didn’t work, and then hurricanes hit the Caribbean, and I just don’t know. Also I’m thinking of buying a viola, which would be an expense, and it’s just hard to get everything to work out.

But overall things are good. I feel more relaxed (January is always easier) than a few months ago, I’m staying up to date on work for the most part, it’s not tax time quite yet, and I’ve got some really fun concerts coming up this semester, so…life is good. Other than the cold, but it looks like the week will be warming up. This weekend we are going to see the Bad Plus at Jazz at the Bistro, which is a yearly event for Louie and I.

How is your year shaping up?