MO’ Cowbell

In case you have an obsession with half marathons, or you don’t like Rock ‘n’ Roll events, there is a new race in the St Louis area on October 2.  And yes, you could totally run both.  I just might 😉

St. Charles takes a cue from SNL skit for new half marathon


Another thing from that Terry Durbin talk earlier today was when he reminded us that you don’t enroll your child in violin lessons for them to be the best violin player in the world.  You do it because music is awesome and fun.  It’s okay to do something just for fun, and indeed, you should do stuff for fun.

I guess that’s part of why I run (fun and fitness, right?)  Last night I went for a run around campus.  The track was locked so I just chose a path around campus.  It was dark so I didn’t want to venture far.  I did three loops and figured it was about 2 miles.  I went online afterwards to check it out and realized each loop was .89 miles.  I must have been going faster than I thought. 

But who cares?  I was having FUN, most importantly.  I don’t have to worry and stress about everything.  I can relax and enjoy.  And after 5 hours of driving plus 4 hours sitting in class, I truly enjoyed moving.

I hadn’t run in the dark since one time last summer, and seriously it is pretty cool, not really being able to see where you are going!  I returned to my dorm sweaty and invigorated.  Perhaps I’ll do the same tonight.  I wouldn’t do that at home because I would worry too much about safety, but here it seemed okay, though I was still on alert. 

Do you run in the dark?  Wanna do the MO’ cowbell run with me?

By the way I am LOVING it here.  I needed my facebook break, but even more I think I needed to get away and recharge.  Even though I’m busy busy here and my brain is filling up, it’s a great change of pace.  I think I need to do a Suzuki Institute every summer forever. 

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  1. I run in the dark and really enjoy it. Even though I HATE getting up early for training runs, I love the feeling of being out there before the sun is up. But usually my “after dark” runs are after work in the fall/winter b/c I pretty much have no choice. Around Christmas, Matt and I would do what we called “Christmas light” runs…we would run different routes around our neighborhood or other neighborhoods that have awesome Christmas light displays and enjoy looking at the lights that way. It was so peaceful and well-lit (b/c of the C’mas lights) and usually not many cars out b/c it was cold and people were in “hibernation” mode 🙂

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