Monday night

Whew!  I survived my first day back at work since Thanksgiving break.  I was dreading it, but of course it was a fine day.  In fact, the kids were wonderful, probably since they were well-rested and in good moods.  We worked hard on our concert music!  In orchestra I also worked with the kids on following a conductor—I’ve been primarily leading from the piano or the violin so I wanted to focus on conducting.  We’ll do more of that in the future, as they need more experience.

My private students were great as well.  I’ve been all about keeping violins up today!  It really does make a difference in the sound Winking smile  Plus watching your bow really helps keep it in one place on the string. 

My cookie party was a great success!  I am too tired to upload any of the pictures I took.  Suffice it to say there were tons of cookies and I may have sampled many.  Cookies may be the greatest food ever!  I am grateful for cookies—a portable, small, delicious dessert.  And my friends are seriously the best cookie bakers ever.

No points today for the HBBC.  Didn’t get enough fruits/veggies to count and it is my rest day.  (Stretches sore legs.)