More Cowbell (really!)

As you may know, I play violin in an ocarina trio (ocarina, piano, and violin.) We are currently rehearsing and will be doing some recording soon.  One of the pieces we are playing doesn’t have violin on it, so I was asked if I would play…cowbells! 

Of course.


I thought I’d be holding the cowbells, but since there are two we rigged up some "cowbell stands."  I’m busy playing there.


Playing the cowbells is serious business. 



Or maybe not.  Maybe playing the cowbells is actually really funny?  Or I’m crying because I can’t keep a steady beat due to lack of technique and left hand issues?  My right hand is pretty consistent but my left hand is a disaster.  Percussionists, HELP! 


I have to admit.  I really just wanted one picture of me playing, but Lan Sin (our pianist) got a bit carried away with the photo taking.  I’m glad though, it was nice to have a variety of pictures.  I may need to update my business cards to reflect my new skills…perhaps hannahviolin will become hannahcowbell!

No.  Probably not.

But remember, I am running the "MO’ Cowbell Half Marathon" in TWO WEEKS.  Goodness, where did the time go?  Why am I not more prepared?

I’m sure you’ve all seen the skit.  But have you read the wikipedia article about the skit? 

All right friends, I’m exhausted.  Ran a 5k this morning, MOST likely pr’ed (it seems I crossed the line before 31 minutes) but I’ll wait for it to be official.  I’ll tell you more about it later, maybe 🙂

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