More Lord of the Rings

I was looking at my phone and I realized I hadn’t uploaded all of my LOTR pics…I had actually meant to bring my actual camera, in fact, I even put new batteries in it!  Then I left it on my desk next to the box of batteries.  Smart.  (Should have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express, I suppose.)

You can read my earlier post here where I talk about going to see Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring with live music performed by the SLSO.  Obviously I attend a lot of SLSO concerts (and you should too!  they are fun!) but this was different.  Firstly, I actually had to pay (half-price) for the tickets rather than getting in for free (hey, dating a musician needs to have some perks), and secondly, it is one of my all-time favorite movies!  (List includes the other two LOTR movies, Titanic, Sound of Music, Airplane, Indiana Jones Trilogy…)  In any case, I loved the movie.

My only complaints:  the credits were super boring to sit through especially as I didn’t care for the soprano, and my seat was really uncomfortable.  Not only was it the tiny balcony seats I am accustomed to where my knees touch the seat in front of me even when I am sitting up as straight as possible, which I am loathe to do for a concert, but my seat was located directly over an air-conditioning vent, which was blowing cold air on me the entire time.  COLD!

Okay, here’s a few more pictures from the lobby:


I did not have this.  It looked weird.


I AM NO MAN! (apologies for the reflection…seriously was bad lighting for pictures, stupid glass)


I took this one very surreptitiously so the usher (pictured in the bottom right corner) wouldn’t come yell at me for taking photos like he did once.

Oh, and here’s another photo from my camera:


No.  The correct spelling is “potatoe”.  We learned that from Dan Quayle.

Oh, I forgot another thing Mike and I talked about yesterday.  He has actually lost 7 pounds (of the 10 he planned to lose in two weeks).  Jerk.  Though I questioned him whether that was wise.  He said he wanted to lose 12 or so so then he could gain back 2.  People are crazy. (Actual statement:  it’s not hard to lose weight since I usually eat so much.) Then he mentioned he wanted to take my measurements on Friday.  I suppose that will help with my online shopping…and self-esteem…  Maybe he’ll forget.  (I am aware that I’m an adult and could refuse, but I like to presume the expert knows what they are doing…as I expect my adult students to do for me!)

AND!  I made some tasty pork chops last night.  I didn’t use the cumin seeds, I simply used ground cumin.  They turned out great, and I paired them with broccolini and polenta.  The broccolini I sautéed with some salt and pepper and then added some lemon zest to it.  In any case, I’d definitely recommend the pork chops.

Follow ups (I read somewhere it is annoying to readers when you introduce topics and never continue them):

Wasn’t the NCAA men’s basketball final super boring?  Boo!

My calves still hurt a bit, but they are much better.  Tuesday they were super rough still and Mike stretched them before we worked out.  It helped!  Today I stretched them periodically during my run.

My diet this week is going pretty well overall.  I have hopes for some weight loss this week or next (this weekend will be carb-festy).

I still have puny-violin-player wrists.  I continually fail at a variety of wrist exercises.  I’ve decided to be okay with this.

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  1. We saw LOTR on Sunday and it was just amazing! I really hope this trend continues- walking into Powell and seeing all the young men excited about a music concert did my heart good!

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