More makeup or less makeup?

I think, in case there was any wonder, I have officially turned the corner into vanity-land.  Today I had a makeup "trial" for my wedding.  During that the makeup artist suggested that I consider doing a series of microdermabrasion facials (or something like that) to really clear up my skin.  I thought, you know, why not?  You only get married once!  (fingers crossed).  So between hair, makeup, and skin care, I’m going to the salon almost every week between now and the big day.

Which is six weeks from Monday.


I look a little unlike me in this photo, I think.  I’m thinking about the eyeliner.  I’m told it will make my eyes pop in the photos, but it’s a lot!  I also feel like I look older.  Then again, self portraits are not my forte.


After that I went to teach.  I left the makeup on to see how it would hold up. 

One of my students asked why I was so tan and wearing so much makeup.  I told her it was because I was getting married.  At which point she squealed "Your boyfriend asked you to marry him??"  The thing is, I didn’t start teaching her until after I was engaged.  She must have heard that somewhere.  Thank you society! 

I’ve been getting more comments that have the sentence "When YOU have children."  I suppose as a woman, that is my only next move.  Engaged, check.  Married, soon.  BABIES.

I suppose it never ends.  People will never be happy.  Because one baby is never enough.  Plus then that baby has to grow up and get married.

Couple of fun quotes.  The first one I saw recently and loved.  I don’t remember it from the books?


This one I love.

I’ve been thinking about that one recently.  And here’s an article about somebody who just wouldn’t quit.

(When did I start being a motivational type person?  What’s wrong with me?)

30 days of Thanksgiving:  I’m thankful for my loyal blog readers and friends (don’t care if I’ve used that already, you guys are the best, and I love the comments lately).  I’m also thankful for my fuzzy velour pants that I am wearing right now. 

13 thoughts on “More makeup or less makeup?”

  1. And then, after said kid, you get asked when you’re going to have another. It doesn’t stop… And it’s really annoying! I think you look beautiful with the makeup! πŸ™‚

  2. You look pretty! I’ll admit the whole makeup routine can get tiring and I have the opposite issue….I think if I ever went into my lessons without makeup, my students wouldnt’ recognize me! I don’t think I’ve actually ever stepped out without any kind of makeup on b/c I feel sort of naked without it. One of these days, I’ll work up the nerve to go out w/out a single thing on and not care.

  3. I have to say that I love the eyeliner. Maybe it’s because I, myself, am a huge fan of eyeliner especially when it comes to making eyes pop. But I think the color and style look great on you!

  4. I think the second photo looks more like you, but you know where I stand on makeup in general. You should look like yourself (at your best) in your wedding photos, not someone else. (Especially if that someone else is a performer in Branson or something…) πŸ˜‰

  5. Hanna,
    Hello darling! Six weeks away….is the big day…?! happy for you both! As far as the make-up….first off, hello gorgeous! Looks like you! You just aren’t used to it maybe?

    If may offer one thought, 2 of my good girlfriends are professional make-up artists/executive educators with Chanel. (*in fact one of them is who did the make-up for CPSTL’s photo shoot.) Anyway, both swear it is the false eyelashes that really make the eye pop in photos – they’ve taught me a few tricks but I’m nooooo expert. So, not trying to sound like I am. But, just thought I’d mention that maybe if you aren’t sure about the eyeliner you could try the lashes in addition to, or in lieu of….I think they make a huge difference. They also taught me that penciling in the eyebrows for a little extra shape helps “frame” your face on the top just like your chin/lips do on the bottom. Anyway, I didn’t see you in person and hard to tell from pics….but all I know is I think you look beautiful as I said above. Just thought I’d pass on their expertise in case you choose to use it!!!

    SOOOOO happy for you both! Oh, and I’m really looking forward to our cookie swap next weekend!

    1. I was definitely thinking about the lashes…it’s the bottom eyeliner that bothers me most looking at myself since I never wear that. And I’m glad you’re coming to the cookie swap! We’ve got a great group of ladies who will be there and I’m excited to see everybody and try their goodies πŸ™‚

  6. BTW…Totally know your name has an “h” at the end….!! Sorry for the overlooked typo! And, yes, goodies galore with great gals….it will be a fun night – thanks for hosting and inviting me again!

  7. Ok… Since you’re asking… I have always felt like we should look like ourselves on our wedding day, but a little nicer. I think the eyes are a liiiiiiiitle too much. I love eyeliner, but maybe it’s the color or that it’s both the top and bottom… Not sure, but I know the day we had lunch I thought you looked GREAT!! Made up, but natural.

    Just my two cents…


  8. Hey Hannah! So excited for you and Chris! Hair and makeup was the most surprisingly confusing part of the wedding process for me! haha, I’m convinced it’s because I look in the mirror too often, so it weirded me out when someone else did my make up and made me look different than what I’m used to looking like… I think I agree with Maria about the eyeliner. You have such big beautiful eyes that there is no way they are going to disappear in photos! So I think you should do whatever makes you feel most comfortable. Maybe the liner doesn’t need to go all the way around on your bottom lash line, or maybe it could be smudged and blended a little more so it doesn’t look like such a strong line? When I had my makeup trial for the wedding, the lady put black eyeliner on my eyes, and for some reason, black liner makes me think of the going-out-on-the-weekend version of myself, not the bride-version… whatever that means. Anyways, are you used to the color of eyeliner she used? Sometimes just a small fix like that can make you feel more like yourself. I also agree about the falsies!!! They’re a must! They will totally make your eyes pop in pictures, and they’re so glamorous! πŸ™‚ Best wishes for your special day! Can’t wait to see pics!

  9. please excuse my totally uninformed comment, I am no makeup expert! but I think if your upper lashes were more prominent (more mascara? more curl? more lifted somehow?) it would balance out the eyeliner perfectly and your eyes would ‘pop’. you look beautiful!

    yes, the comments won’t stop, not even after you have babies. then it will be well-meaning people telling you inane things like “oh you’re having a baby! make sure you don’t let it watch too much TV.” omg, I’m just thinking about diapers and onesies right now, can you please give me a few months with the infant before you start judging my parenting?

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