More Old Pictures

Okay more old pictures! I got a few more albums online from my mom (she had our old slides converted to digital photos, which is just awesome.)

This is to remind me of when I say, hey, I wonder how I’d look bald. There it is. That is my brother Jesse holding me awkwardly.

I think Jesse has me in a chokehold. Check out the old school plastic diaper cover!

My first birthday! I was a pretty happy child, evidently!

My brother and I taking a nap. Or at least me taking a nap and him posing for a picture. We are utterly adorable.

Another angle. You can’t see my little legs, but my head is pretty cute too.

Why are you interrupting our reading, Mom?

How stylin’ am I with my short dress and knee socks? LOVE THIS OUTFIT. I seem to be holding an art project of sorts.

I’m less sure about this outfit…but I had the legs for it, so why not, right? Jesse had the legs for his outfit too.

This picture is great because Jesse is giving a perfect look at the camera. He looks like a model and I look like I just rolled out of bed.

ONE foot in the air running! Longtime readers know that is rare for me.

I was so tired I just fell asleep like that, evidently. Interesting note: that bed is still in my room at my parent’s house.

I had a pretty awesome mohawk for awhile.

I joined a T-ball team for awhile. If I recall correctly, I never got a hit. (Process that…the ball doesn’t move.) I don’t have the greatest eye-hand coordination.

I did NOT know how to hold kitties when I was younger. I’m pretty sure this cat wasn’t enjoying that.

Case study on why NOT to tell kids to smile for a picture. Leslie is standing in front of me, and please note my “book it” button. I was WEARING that voluntarily at home.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed those pictures! I know that (most importantly) I do. It’s fun to see pictures that you haven’t seen in years…because as awesome as slide shows are, they are a pretty inconvenient way to look at pictures.

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  1. These pictures are too cute, Hannah! I keep meaning to look back and find old photographs (I don’t think I had slides) of mine to scan into the computer. These might be the inspiration I need 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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