More Pictures of Leslie’s Wedding and My Toast

Leslie and Peter get back from their honeymoon soon, and I was thinking about them this morning.  I haven’t spoken to Leslie since she left (obviously) and I am excited to hear all about their travels!  Anyway, I was reflecting on their wedding a bit more, and I thought it would fun to post my toast—well, at least what I planned to say since in the moment I improvised a bit.  I also got some nice pictures from my Aunt Connie and thought I’d share a few—also some are my Mom’s…hope you ladies don’t mind I borrowed some pictures! (really, this is for Leslie who I’m sure will be eagerly catching up on my blog when she returns.)

The Girls!  and Carrie.

We are definitely wearing more makeup and have fancier hair than we should for those outfits.  Is something going on?

Look at those EYELASHES!

Chatting with the groom right before the first look pictures were to be taken.  Carrie is awkwardly carrying a few things.  Staying true to her name at least?

Sometimes nature is just the best, huh?  Though I’m pretty sure this was manmade, it still counts as nature, I think.

My Aunt Connie and my Mom.  My mother had a fall on a hike the day before—yet still standing strong.  Hard core, right?

The mariachi band was serenading us but evidently we were too preoccupied with our ceviche and guacamole to notice.

Okay, I promised you guys my toast.  I went last, and while I waiting for the three men to do their toasts before me Carrie and I decided I definitely should do a binders of women joke, so I led with something about how originally Peter was going to have only those three men speak (fathers of bride and groom, best man) but Leslie gave him binders of women who would be qualified and they chose me.  People laughed.  It was very topical 😉


Hi everybody! I’m Leslie’s older sister, Hannah. Leslie was my maid of honor back in January when I married my now husband, Chris (wave) so I guess she figured she owed me…and by owed me I mean wanted to get her investment back—I kept track of how many dollars she spent on me and have made sure to pay that much plus inflation.

I’ve been looking forward to her wedding ever since my own back in January. I tend to think of my wedding as the event of the year, so I guess this is the second event of the year? Or maybe the event of the school calendar year?

But seriously, as the oldest sister, I had to do a lot of things first growing up and then Leslie would follow after me, usually about six months later. Even though she’s three YEARS younger…yes, yes, I know. Hard to believe. In fact if I hadn’t told you I’m sure you’d think she was the oldest, am I right?

Like I said though, I had to do a lot of things first and then Leslie followed behind. I started playing the violin—she copied me about six months later—to be fair this was more our mother’s decision than anything, but still. Then I remember when wearing those white keds were all the range and all the kids wanted them. I begged and begged, and finally my mom broke down and bought me a pair—I believe they were the off-brand, but nonetheless good enough to be quasi-cool…and then bought Leslie a pair shortly afterwards. I also recall begging for permission to shave my legs, and then about six months later Leslie started shaving too. Either I REALLY needed to shave long before or she really was a very hairy young lady!

I guess that’s part of being the oldest sister—breaking down barriers and then making things easier for the younger generation. Carrie probably was born shaving and might be getting married next month, for all we know, but I’ll save my toast to her until then… It’s a lot of pressure sometime though, knowing everything I do, Leslie will copy shortly after wards! I’m still waiting for her to catch up to my height and shoe size.

I suppose Leslie did a few things first. She started getting into running before me, and I guess I might even say she inspired me to sign up for my first marathon in the spring, since she is going to run it too—but then again, after we’ve spent the last two years planning weddings, we’re going to need SOMETHING to do. And she was a maid of honor before I was too, and she set the bar pretty high for her toast. She also moved farthest away from South Carolina first, as evidenced by how far we all had to fly to get here—and growing up we both always figured the farthest from the south that we were the better off. No offense to Mom and Dad of course— (wink)

Nonetheless, we are all here tonight to not only laugh and make fun of the bride and groom, but to wish them a lifetime of joy and to show our support for their union…or at least to eat tacos and cupcakes on their dime! Let’s raise our glasses to Leslie and Peter and wish them the best, today and forever!

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  1. So you’ll have to work extra hard to make sure that you cross the finish line at the marathon before your younger sister, right?


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