Morning off

Ah, a well-deserved morning off!  I got to sleep in a bit and have a leisurely breakfast.  I had hot oatmeal and decided to try a container of the Chobani Yogurt people have been raving about.  I had peach flavor…um…it was nothing special.  Sorry!

Tuesdays right now I teach one student.  In January I’ll be teaching at the St Louis School of Music on Tuesdays (or when they need me…).  Unfortunately I don’t know where I’ll move my Tuesday home student to…right now I am only able to teach at home on Monday and Thursday (which two months ago seemed like MORE than enough!).  I can’t believe my home studio is actually officially full.  (I will have a waiting list, for anyone interested.  There is always turnover).  I have picked up about five new students in the past couple of weeks and I am really excited about them.  I also have a new student at the Ballet School, starting tomorrow.  So many people to teach!  It’s wonderful how (from my point of view) private music education is alive, well, and thriving!

What else is going on this week?  Well, I am probably doing another race (5k) on Saturday.  I say probably because I registered, but it might rain, and we’ll have to see how am I feeling about that.  Honestly, I’m sure I’ll run it.  I seem to have the race bug right now, and I think I can beat my last time.  Plus this will be my first alone race, and I want to see how well I can pace myself on my own.  (I am looking at this as a positive thing, as my running is something I do alone, and I want to feel confident enough to do a race alone as well!)

I feel a bit stressed lately…I don’t actually have that much to do, but with the impending holidays, time is running out on concert prep and that sort of thing.  I’ve got about four different performances at my two schools to deal with in addition to my own gigs.  I also get stressed about house cleaning–ideally I’d like to live in a clean house, but have trouble picking up after myself, and I hate dusting…so I just stress about it rather than say, spending a morning off cleaning.  Then I take it out on Chris later 😉  I just need to keep up on my to-do list so I don’t forget things.

Off to the gym!