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I have a love hate relationship with my readers.  I want you to read my blog.  I tweet about my blog, I post it on facebook.  I use it in my email signature.  I love you all!

But I get embarrassed when you want to talk to me in real life about it.  Weird, huh?  Of course I thrive on embarrassment in my life, but that’s another story… but seriously, my blog is on the INTERNET.  What happens on the internet stays on the internet, right?


(and remember, friends, the internet is NOT a big truck, it’s a series of tubes.)

I know many of my friends read this.  Thanks guys!  In fact, sometimes I just assume my friends HAVE read and reference it as if they have not only read but memorized my words.  So I am a very hypocritical attention seeker.  There, I said it.  If any of my readers have a blog, you probably know exactly what I mean.  You want traffic, you want attention…but not too much.

Today was one of those times where I got exactly what I deserved.

Do you remember the “poop” picture and story about the woman who, well, lost control of her bowels while running the Boston Marathon?  Of course you do, even though you’d probably prefer not to.  In any case, earlier this week the photographer emailed me and asked me to please take the picture down.  He said that he had thought it was a funny story but it ended up being a huge hassle for Caroline White.  (Evidently he is new to the internetz).  He also corrected me and said she was trying for a PR, and had already qualified for the Olympic trials the year before.  In any case, I felt really bad and of course took the picture down.

I was in the middle of my workout with Mike (you know, Mike, my personal trainer) this morning and I brought this up.  I had mentioned my blog in the past, and I told him the story of the guy asking me to take down the picture.  He said, “oh, yeah, I read that on your blog”.  Then he said, “next week I’ll teach you how to run airborne.”

It took me a few seconds, but then I realized that he had read this post.  I think I turned beet red.

Mike went on to tell me how he was looking for the Ocarina concert and couldn’t get it to load, but instead was poking around my blog and just happened to notice a picture of himself.

I think that time stopped due to my extreme embarrassment (Chris is also embarrassed FOR me and I think for himself as well to be engaged to someone like me).  I was trying to play it all cool, but I’m pretty sure that I was bright red and perhaps sweating profusely.

I asked if he minded, and he said no, it was fine.  I hope he wasn’t just saying that.  Maybe I’ll never see Mike again, or he is going to file a restraining order against me…I DID tell him about my blog, and I DID somewhat encourage him to read it.  So it is entirely my fault (see previous comment re: being a hypocritical attention seeker.)

But I’m not a stalker.  Just a blogger who likes to borrow other people’s photos on the internet.  And sometimes I have a lot of free time.


Here’s a picture of my own cat, judging me:


So…hi Mike, welcome to my blog!  I promise I’m not a crazy stalker, I’m just crazy 🙂  And seriously people, he’s a great trainer, you should sign on with him.  I plan to continue until at least my wedding, if it’s possible.

Does anybody else want a shout out?

2 thoughts on “My blog”

  1. OH NO!!!!

    Of course I am really bad about updating my blog but I am paranoid that someone in real life will find out about it. A couple of my friends IRL know about my blog but they also have blogs, so it’s not embarrassing. Also, those friendships were formed around blogging, back in the dark ages on Live Journal. I don’t say anything I wouldn’t want people to hear (read?) but it would still be weird!

  2. Meeeeeeeeeeeee! I read 😀 where’s the blog entry entitled “My super awesome friend called Sarah from Australia”????? 😉

    I’m jealous of your blogging by the way. I can never keep it up even though I have tried so many times 🙁 bah.

    Now that I’m using twitter more and only have like 10 people I follow I am getting all the blog links 🙂 awesome!

    Love ya heaps!!!!
    S xxxx

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