New Running Shoes

I went to this with Jen.  She had gotten an email earlier in the week about the shoes and was interested.  I saw the event announcement on Facebook earlier in the day and we decided to pop in.  I told myself I wouldn’t buy new shoes.  But…

Yup, we both bought new shoes.  Then we were told we couldn’t take them home with us tonight and HAD TO COME BACK TOMORROW. 


They are AWESOME.  I kind of needed new running shoes anyway (well, arguable…but I will wear the crap out of them.)

I also got some little buttons and a free t-shirt.  AND I will get to "Potty like a rock star" at the Rock and Roll Half Marathon. 

Yup.  I went to a running store party on Friday night.  That’s how I roll.

3 thoughts on “New Running Shoes”

  1. Ok, so apparently Brooks are THE shoe. I had no idea, but the feedback on my last post proved that Brooks are where it’s at. Why do you love the Pure Cadence? Think they could withstand a full 26.2 or are they too minimal?

    Anyway, sounds like a rad Friday night to me!

    1. Okay, I JUST got them today. I haven’t run in them yet (other than a little jog around the store last night) but they are not a minimalist shoe, they are simply lighter than other shoes. I’ve been running in Mizuno Nirvanas for awhile now and the pure cadence were recommended to me at the store. I think they probably could withstand a full, but I’m hardly an expert. I’m running a half tomorrow (in my old shoes) so I won’t really get to test these out until mid-week. They feel fantastic on though, and I really hope I love them in the long run…and for the long run!

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