No longer a newlywed

Reasons why it’s awesome we are no longer newlyweds:

1. They say the first year is the hardest.  We have that behind us!

2. I no longer have the pressure of using an awesome wedding photo as my facebook profile picture, since it’s been kinda too long for that, so I can use ANYTHING I want, which is what I used to do, and I’d switch it up all the time.  I can do that again.  (I am half kidding, but honestly, I get bored with my picture a lot so it’s great to be able to switch it out and not feel bad.)

Right now, it’s this, for instance.


but maybe soon I’ll switch it to this:


or this


or this


or this (only $50, a bargain!)


The possibilities are endless (especially since I take pictures of myself and other things every day)!


Things that I annoy me about being married (or perhaps, being a 30-something female):

I get a lot of questions about

1. When we are having children (or, worse, am I expecting?)

2. How have our lives changed since we got married. 

These are both two really good questions. 

One of the things Chris and I have been discussing on our vacation is how I should respond to these questions, particularly the first one.  We’re working on a good response.  I try not to use profanity on the blog, so I can’t actually print my response here, but I have one now.  Suffice it to say that people are very nosy and need to mind their own business. 

The second question is  a perfectly good question, except that it’s kind of silly.  The short answer is our lives haven’t changed at all, since we have been together since February of 1999.  The long answer is, a lot more people ask me when I’m having children, but people no longer ask when we are getting married. 


Things that are awesome about being on vacation in a nice hotel in a nearby city:

1. No real pressure to sight see since you’ve been here before and you’ll be back, so you can spend almost the whole day relaxing at the hotel. 

2. If you do choose to leave the hotel, when you come back the room is magically clean!  This is the opposite of being at home.

3. You can leave a ponytail holder on the nightstand overnight.  When you wake up it is still there!

4.  King size bed and amazing in-shower stuff.


Things that are great about being on vacation generally and not having to drive or work or do anything really:

IMG_3873 IMG_3903

Among others 🙂  And fantastic food.  Highlights of our trip restaurant wise include Blackbird and The Publican.  I will likely tell you more about those later.  IMG_3905

From the hotel gym: unfortunately I did not stop exercising at the first sign of discomfort.  (I think I thought my head was fuzzy, but perhaps it was just the picture.)


Looking forward to this tonight!

6 thoughts on “No longer a newlywed”

  1. I love it when you are on vacation. I feel like I’m there! But not really because that would be weird. Since you’re married.

    The really important question that people should be asking:

    When are you getting another cat? 🙂

  2. (Since I read your blog here and there, I thought I’d leave a comment in the actual comment section)

    No kidding with the “kid” thing!!! What’s worse is when you’ve been married for years and still get it! But then it stops… and you REALLY wonder. And then you remember that you don’t care what people think. And then you remember how great it is that your marriage has stood the test of time and hardships. And then you give your cat an unexpected treat and take yourself out to lunch because YOU CAN!!!

  3. The first 5 years or so of our marriage, people asked all the time when we’d be having kids. Recently, I’ve noticed that those questions have stopped, lol. I think everyone assumes we a) Don’t want kids or b) are unable to have children. Or perhaps some even think that the marriage is on the rocks (I hate the idea that having kids = perfect marriage). All, of course, are untrue. We’re just taking our sweet time until we feel it’s right.
    Sometimes, I think people don’t realize that those questions seem rude…maybe they just think it’s what they’re supposed to ask. Or maybe they can’t think of anything else to say!

  4. We waited 9 years to have our first child, so we got the kids question a lot, and repeatedly from family members. We eventually stumbled upon the all-time best response: we would look at each other meaningfully and say “we’re trying.” Always the last time we would be asked that particular question…

  5. We’ve been married for 3 1/2 years and people constantly are asking us when we’re having kids. I really hate that because I think it’s a very private question–you don’t know if people are actually trying but having trouble conceiving or if they are choosing to not have kids which opens another can of worms. I think the people who are the worst at about asking this question aren’t random strangers but family that you can’t really provide a snarky answer with (like your grandma).
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