Not really funny

It’s been a crazy weather week, so mild!  I suppose the entire winter has been really mild overall.  I went for a run on Tuesday outside IN SHORTS!  And I got really hot…it was close to 70 degrees that day, I think.  It makes me nervous for the summer, does that mean it will be really hot?  Or…is this our reward for having suffered through an incredibly hot and humid summer?  Or is there no relation, or perhaps it’s all just global warming and we should really consider migrating north? 

Unfortunately my time machine is broken.  Oh well.  I’ll just do what I always do and play it by ear!


This is an old picture, but it is basically what is happening next to me on the couch right now.  Sometimes (always…)I really wish I were a cat! 

This morning I had a workout with Mike (yes, still doing that, even though I’m married now and technically could just let myself go…).  I feel like I’m finally getting back to normal as far as working out, though not quite with running—I have been having a lot of hip pain this week and have been taking it easy.  I think I tried to push myself too much.  On the scale, I’ve lost at least a pound this week which is awesome…in 6 more weeks I’ll be back to my pre-Thanksgiving weight, if I keep it up.  *that is the last time I felt really awesomely confident with my body, just fyi*

On a completely unrelated note, last night I showed Chris that I indeed had one more bag of chocolates left over from Christmas.  He claimed I had been hiding them, but I was simply using that whole "hiding in plain sight" trick where eventually Chris doesn’t notice things, they just become part of the landscape.  You know, like dirty laundry, dirty dishes, hair balls, and the cat.  Or at least that appears to be the cat’s endgame. For me, if a bag of chocolates isn’t open it is less of a temptation.  But I’ve honestly tamed my sweet tooth a bit since the holidays/wedding/honeymoon, and haven’t been craving daily fixes of sugar.  SUCCESS!  If I could just tame my "craving salty carbs" tooth that would help further…

I saw this on the internet the other day and thought of myself.


One thought on “Not really funny”

  1. So, recently I finally got rid of THREE boxes of girl scout cookies that had been sitting in my office for a year.

    I love girl scout cookies.

    But, like you, an un-opened container doesn’t tempt me.

    Of course, as soon as I open the container my odds are high that I will systematically eat the entire box in one day.

    But, unopened containers? Not a big deal.

    It’s sort of like having a $100 bill. It’s easy to not spend. $100s in $1s and $5 and shit? spent in a week on god knows what.

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