Odds and ends

Edited:  I wrote this post before the news of Osama Bin Laden’s death.  Though I am a pacifist and do not wish death on anybody, I am only human and I must say I am not unhappy for the news.  And that was a fantastic speech by Obama. 

Back to our originally scheduled programming!


Chris and I went to Sage on Friday night for drinks.  I had had a key lime martini there before and was craving it.  (I love using “had had”).  Here I am pictured with a chocolate martini, but it’s basically the same.  The key lime was good though…still not as good as the place in Chicago.

Here’s an excerpt from my old blog, a post about my trip to Chicago where I had the most awesome key lime martini:

“We met Karen for dinner and went to a really cool place called “Avec.” We shared a variety of different dishes, including a focaccia with goat cheese in it, and dates filled with sausage and wrapped in bacon. Then we went to a bar and enjoyed a large number of key lime martinis…we had been there on our last visit as well, and I have never had a key lime martini so delicious. I don’t recall the name of the place, but it’s in the meat packing district. (edited: I realized I used my credit card, so I got the name: “Fulton Lounge”)”

So I just googled the place and it evidently closed a year ago!  So I will NEVER have that most delicious key lime martini ever again.  Hmmm…does it exist now only in my memory?  Avec is still awesome though.  I hope to go back this summer.

Okay.  So that was Friday.  Saturday I played two weddings and hit up Frazer’s.  I went with my friend Melissa and then some other friends joined us later.  It was great.  I mentioned it in this post also.

Sunday—beautiful run around Forest Park with Jen.  5.5 miles.  I need to rebuild the callus that got removed during a pedicure, because my foot was killing me.  It’ll grow back, stronger than before 🙂  Then I went to Best Buy with Chris and got a new laptop.  It’s an HP, and it was on clearance!


How adorable is this small creature?  Do I talk about my cat too much?


Do I post too many pictures of my cat?  Certainly not!  (Please don’t answer that question)

How about a picture of me in the car after the run?


I urge you NOT to enlarge that photo.  I don’t understand how it is possible for a 32 year old woman to have 400 zits on her chin.  I do love my orange tank top though.  Also a new hairband—polka dots!  I was wearing green shorts.  Body glide is a wonderful invention.

Okay, seriously, this whole robbery thing is causing such mood swings.  I’m angry at the financial loss, the sense of security in one’s own home, and the TIME spent dealing with this shit when I really have better things to do (like blog, or practice, or maybe just relax, or you know, WORK).  I’m sorry for the negativity on the blog recently, but it’s just been a rough time.  I know things will get better and easier, and things could be worse, and for all of that, I am thankful.  It’s just been a bad week which ended a bad month.  Grrrrr.


Yes, that’s a bruise on my arm.  No idea what it’s from!  Probably a gym-related injury though.  Speaking of, my pinky is feeling MUCH better, luckily.

How was YOUR weekend?  What are your plans for the week?