Our friends had an Oktoberfest party. (The party I made the apple kuchen for.)  Unfortunately the party was on a Sunday, and I was busy till evening and also had to get up early the next day to teach, so we only got to stop by for a bit.  The invitation had said to wear your best lederhosen.  Well, unfortunately neither of us had lederhosen, so we decided to order fancy hats off the internet instead!  Never underestimate the power of an awesome themed hat.



Very festive!!


The chicken hat doesn't look as good on me, but this is a better view of the hat. (I was doing the "zoolander" pose.)


Doesn't Chris look dapper?

We have several more parties next weekend.  I love bringing food to these gatherings, so I have been doing quite of bit of brainstorming/research for ideas of new things to make.   Next on the docket:  something pumpkin based ;).