One last L & C post

I’ve been walking on air all day!  I am just so excited that I completed my race, and faster than I thought.  I remember when I looked at my watch and thought, “hey, I bet I can do this in under 3 hours”, and that kept me running much more than I wanted to for the last couple of miles.  So happy to have reached that goal (though impromptu 😉 ). 2:57:33.

Tomorrow is my first meeting with my new trainer.  I’m still a bit sore from the race (legs improving, left shoulder hurting a ton for no apparent reason but must be related) so I’m hoping it’s a fairly easy session…I learned that he ran the race as well (a bit faster than me, I looked it up and he was under 1:30) so at least he’ll understand.

I’m planning a couple shorter races to finish out the year, and then it’ll be Phoenix Rock n Roll Time.  I am so amused by myself–a few months ago I was laughing (kindly of course 🙂 ) at people who were crazy enough to run and now I’m totally psyched to keep going.  Funny how that works!!

One thing I forgot:  Here’s an up close photo of the medal I received for finishing the race (now hanging on my bedroom dresser mirror).

Go me!!

(The “One Final Journey” refers to the fact that the race was bought out by the Rock n Roll people and will be elsewhere next fall, so it was my first and last Lewis and Clark Half.)